Lexan awnings

Lexan or Polycarbonate

Lexan actually is: A polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. It’s a solid substance that can be deforming to a new shape. Lexan is one of a family of thermoplastics whose main claim to fame is in its ability to significant bend without cracking or breaking. Addiontally,  when fully formed, the polycarbonate is better and greater than acrylic. This strength and flexibility has made Lexan an indispensable material for a wide variety of Awnings manufacturers and outstanding resistance to any weather condition.

Benefits and uses for awning manufactures include:

  • High level of impact resistance
  • Can handle temperature extremes
  • Highly resistant to snow, rain and heat
  • Can be drilled without worry of cracking
  • Can be bent without cracking
  • Low level of flammability